Crawford Street, Blyth

Phase 1 Geoenvironmental Desk Top Study, Detailed Coal Mining Risk Assessment, Site Walkover Survey and Phased Ground Investigation

Proposed 18 social housing units on part of a former colliery complex with two previous phases of colliery development.  Shallow coal mining risk was low but two shafts were present, recorded as filled and capped to unknown specification by NCB in the early 1980s.

Ground investigation revealed thick made ground of ash fill and colliery spoil with significant in-ground obstructions recorded over the former colliery buildings. Shallow sandstone rockhead was proved across the site. The two shaft caps are to be lowered to rockhead and reconstructed in the future development. No ground gas risk was proven.

Cable percussive drilling to prove depth to competent rockhead and obtain in-situ strength parameters for pile design