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Geothermal Energy

As geologists and hydrogeologists, we have been involved in ground sourced heat energy recovery for over 15 years and have worked on projects in all sectors from private residential to industrial. The opportunity for geothermal energy is enormous and there are a multitude of potential heat sources from: ground, groundwater, mine water and surface water bodies. Implemented projects have ranged in scale from micro 7kW to meso 450kW residential schemes, although we have contributed to larger macro-scale geothermally sourced district heating schemes at pre-Feasibility and Feasibility Study stage. We specialise in open loop and system assessment, design and implementation and regulatory approvals thereof.

Whilst ground source heat pumps can offer some of the best efficiencies available, the capital cost can sometimes be prohibitive leading to client-decisions away from geothermal. We have a bespoke tool to provide budget costs, carbon saving estimates and payback times on investments to allow clients to take a more informed view on their investments.