Alfreton, Derbyshire

Undertook Phase 1 Desk Top Study, Site Walkover Survey and Detailed Coal Mining Risk Assessment, Soakaway Testing

21 acre suspected former opencast coal extraction site proposed for a leisure facility with sports pitches, car parking and hospitality building.

BGS recorded the whole site to have been opencast but Coal Authority (CA) records showed it had only partially been opencast.  The walkover survey revealed ancient hedgerows on the boundaries and internally and evidence of undisturbed in-situ shallow bedrock shaley mudstone bedrock was exposed in a former mineral railway cutting on the eastern boundary.

The desk study revealed no history of development and confirmed its greenfield status. CA mine abandonment plan revealed 2 former mine shafts on site, and a small incursion of the opencast workings that were immediately adjacent to the western boundary.  In-situ tests to BRE 365 proved the soils and shale bedrock to be unsuitable for soakaway drainage.

Open pasture setting with mature hedgerows on field boundaries